Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Luke Allen, PhD


Dr. Luke Allen was a staff psychologist at Student Psychological and Counseling Services (CAPS) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He served as the CAPS Social Media and Technology Coordinator and faculty advisor to the UNLV Chess Club.

He is a Certified World Professional Association for Transgender Health Care (WPATH) GEI SOC7 Member.

He currently maintains a full-time telehealth private practice and is the co-founder of The Foundation For Change (a group telehealth practice).
Research and Professional Involvement
Dr. Allen served as co-chair of the WPATH Student Initiative and was the elected student representative to the WPATH Board of Directors. He currently serves on the WPATH Ethics Committee. Dr. Allen has published qualitative, quantitative, and theoretical articles on transgender health, ethics, and social justice. His dissertation research was the first study to demonstrate decreased suicidality and increased well-being among adolescents following gender-affirming hormones.

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