Dr. Luke Allen is a licensed psychologist in the states of Nevada and Washington. Dr. Allen received his doctorate from the University of Missouri–Kansas City. He received a Master of Arts degree in counseling and guidance from New Mexico State University. He also holds undergraduate degrees in psychology and philosophy and a certificate in ethics. He completed his pre-doctoral internship here at UNLV CAPS. He completed his post-doctoral training at Portland Psychotherapy Clinic in Portland, OR with a focus on the treatment of anxiety-related disorders and psychedelic integration and safety. While Dr. Allen has been trained to work with a wide range of presenting concerns, he specializes in working with issues related to sexual and gender diversity. His approach to therapy is primarily based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which places values at the center of therapy.

Dr. Allen previously served as co-chair of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Student Initiative and was the elected student representative to the WPATH Board of Directors. He currently serves on the WPATH Ethics Committee. Dr. Allen has published qualitative, quantitative, and theoretical articles on transgender health, ethics, and social justice. On a more personal level, he enjoys hiking, backpacking, traveling, musicals, chess, wine, video games, and reading (psychology, philosophy, ethics, and fantasy/sci-fi).